Non-intrusive custom NodeJS dependency injection
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This project is complete, no longer maintained and part of my source code "attic". Feel free to use it though, it works great!

Winter can do dependency injection without being intrusive on your existing code.

// hello.js
module.exports = function(){
    this.message = "Hello";
// main.js
module.exports = function(logger, hello){;
// index.js
var Winter = require('winter');
var winter = new Winter();

winter.register('logger', new Winter.LoggerProvider());

winter.registerModules(require, {
    'main': './main',
    'hello': './hello'

This will output

[2014-04-06 16:06:09.104] [INFO] main - Hello

For static values like the above "Hello" string, it is better to use Winter.ValueProvider.


  • You can create custom providers like LoggerProvider, check out the sources; it's easy.
  • Winter works with q promises; providers can freely return promises instead of instances directly.
  • Registering a provider more than once on the same name will overwrite the previous provider for that name.
  • Winter's link should only be called once, and all providers should be registered before calling link.
  • Cyclic and missing dependencies cause link's promise to fail, with information on whats wrong or missing.