Java library for making distributed remote procedure calls really easy.
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Hileco DRPC

This project is no longer maintained and part of my source code "attic". This project's code is not fully functional - please use MQTT-DRPC instead.

This library lets you make distributed remote procedure calls and get results back, with plain Java.

  • Requires Java 8.
  • RPC go over HTTP, using Apache HTTPClient and an embedded Grizzly Server.
  • RPC content is JSON, written and read streaming, metadata is in HTTP headers.
  • You can publish and consume standard java interfaces.
  • Builds with maven.


SubscriptionStore subscriptionStore = new CacheSubscriptionStore();
RouterServer routerServer = new RouterServer(subscriptionStore);

This starts a message router on port 8080, using an in-memory store of subscriptions. Subscriptions contain only a topic, an address, and a unique identifier.


Define the interface of your service(s)

public interface CalculatorService {

    public Integer calculate(Integer a, Integer b);


Instantiate a client, client to router communication is two way.

Client client = new Client(routerURL, localHostname, localPort);

Notify the router we have a CalculatorService that other clients can talk to.

client.publish(CalculatorService.class, // functionality to expose
               "remote-calculator",     // service identifier for rpc
               (a, b) -> a + b);        // implementation of our service


Instantiate a client, client to router communication is two way. Create a service connector using the new client.

Client client = new Client(routerURL, localHostname, localPort);
ServiceConnector<CalculatorService> connector = client.connector(CalculatorService.class);

With the connector we can make distributed calls, with regular interfaces, and nice Java 8 syntax to go along with it. This example will call every CalculatorService ( registered as described earlier ), and then logs any results it gets.

connector.drpc(d -> d.calculate(1, 2),
               r ->"CalculatorService#calculate(1,2) = {}", r));

And targeted calls.

CalculatorService remoteCalculator = connector.connect("remote-calculator"); // connect to the calculator identified by the id we've registered with at the service-side