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Dashboard Analyser

A small learning project utilizing Golang and AWS. Read more about it on my blog:

So far the project is in a state where is merely working. Most of the times at least... more work to do. So don't judge ...

TODOs (lots of them :-) )

  • Refactor code to become unit testable and add unit tests
  • Implement Lambda to clean up files on Dropbox and S3
  • add consistent logging
    • dashboard-analyser
    • dropbox-webhook
    • dropbox-file-checker
  • Improve error handling
    • dashboard-analyser
    • dropbox-webhook
    • dropbox-file-checker
  • Add scripts to automatically spin up and tear down AWS infrastructure
    • IAM Roles
    • Secrets
    • Lambda Functions
    • DynamoDB
    • SNS
    • S3
    • API Gateway
  • Add a simple UI to display the data from dynamoDB
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