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package main
import (
// CircuitBreaker is a circuit of remote calls. The breaker is activated after
// a configured amount of failed tries which disallows all subsequent calls to
// said circuit. This is specific to Identify call thus the function will be
// specific to this application.
// Potentionally if there are thousands of images that need processing
// and the endpoint for the processing becomes unstable, we will stop sending
// it images for a few seconds to give it a chance to recover.
// This could be further improved if we store the requests which didn't go through
// and re-process them after the circuit if alive again. But we leave that up to
// the caller for now.
type CircuitBreaker struct {
TimeOut time.Duration
CurrentBreakTime time.Time
On bool
CurrentTries int
MaxTries int
F func() (*facerecog.IdentifyResponse, error)
Ping func() bool
func (c *CircuitBreaker) engage() {
c.CurrentBreakTime = time.Now()
c.On = true
func (c *CircuitBreaker) disengage() {
c.CurrentTries = 0
c.On = false
func (c *CircuitBreaker) checkIfOver() {
if c.CurrentBreakTime.Add(c.TimeOut).Before(time.Now()) {
log.Printf("timeout over. running ping.")
if !c.Ping() {
log.Println("backend still not functioning. extending break.")
// Call the function specifed under F.
func (c *CircuitBreaker) Call() (*facerecog.IdentifyResponse, error) {
if c.On {
if c.On {
log.Printf("max sending try count of %d reached. sending not allowed for %v time period.", c.MaxTries, c.CurrentBreakTime.Add(c.TimeOut).Sub(time.Now()))
return nil, errors.New("circuitbreaker is engaged")
r, err := c.F()
if err != nil {
if c.CurrentTries >= c.MaxTries {
log.Printf("maximum try of %d sends reached. disabling for %v time period.", c.MaxTries, c.TimeOut)
return nil, err
c.CurrentTries = 0
return r, err
// NewCircuitBreaker defines some default parameters for the breaker.
func NewCircuitBreaker() *CircuitBreaker {
c := CircuitBreaker{
CurrentTries: 0,
MaxTries: 3,
On: false,
TimeOut: time.Second * 10,
return &c