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Blender Toolset for Skate XL modding
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Being that Blender has become the primary content creation tool for the SkaterXL community, skater-xl-mod-tools privides an entry into easing production workflow all while maintaining consistency in our assets.

What you need to know

This tool set is open source and is to be used AS-IS. You are free to do with it as you please under the specifications given under the GNU Public license. View LICENSE to get more information.


Blender version 2.80.0 is the primary targeted version.
The codebase is built to support legacy versions, supporting both Python 2.7+ and Python 3.


Open Blender's Preferences panel and select the add-ons sub menu:

Edit => Preferences => Add-ons

On the upper right-hand corner, select Install Add-on and browse to that you have downloaded from RELEASES. Enable the add-on by searching for Skater XL, or selecting the Skater XL Category.

Running the add-on

Grind Splines

The Grind Splines tool a simple and easy to use process for creating spline nodes for non-dreamtek splines (Hondune Method). You have two options when creating splines:

  • Vertex Mode:
    • Only supports TWO selected vertices. Intended for direct, linear splines.
  • Edge Mode:
    • Selecting edges of grind edge to generate point nodes. Intended for complex grind surfaces

Before generating a grind spline, setting the audio cue will allow the operation to understand the context of the grind surface, and generate the node name appropriately. Options currently are: Metal, Wood, and Concrete.

On creation, Splines will become a child of the selected object, with proper structure for that grindable object. Splines are a child of the object for those content creators that build environments in a modular fasion, allowing the ability to freely move the asset and not have to regenerate grind splines.

At this point in time, you should only be generating ONE grind spline at a time. Support for handling multiple will hopefully come in a future update.


These tools are here as an early preview and a quick-start to generating content for assets. These tools are in a WORK IN PROGRESS state.

Level of Detail

Generate Mesh LODs based on surface properties. Retains Parent UVs and is non-destructive. Requires blender to be in Object Mode with a single asset selected.


Generating collision shape based on source mesh. Currently creating a single solid-body object. A good start for those that aren't comfortable creating their own collision shape content.

Asset Exporter

This tool will help ease the burden of exporting assets. The exporter will automatically export all children of the Scene or Selected Meshes. Exporting animation will export the entire timeline into one file.



This project is licensed under the GNU Public License - see the LICENSE file for details


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