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xmpptrix - XMPP Bridge

A WIP xmpp bridge for


  • Presence change
  • Better errorhandling
  • More logging
  • Set powerlevel for user to op, so room name can be properly changed
  • handle leaving the room (re-invite on new message)
  • handle adding user to roster (adding @xmpp_* prefixed user)
  • MUC


Create application server config

create a yml config:

#the base URL of the application service
url: "http://localhost:61444"

# This is the token that the AS should use as its access_token when using the Client-Server API
# This can be anything you want.
as_token: mysecret

# This is the token that the HS will use when sending requests to the AS.
# This can be anything you want.
hs_token: myothersecret

# this is the local part of the desired user ID for this AS (in this case @logging:localhost)
sender_localpart: xmppbridge
    - exclusive: true
      regex: "@xmpp_.*"
  rooms: []
  aliases: []

Add the application server config to the homeserver.yaml

add path to the application server config to the app_service_config_files array:

  -  "/path/to/config.yml"

Running the setup and adding an account

Install dependencies with npm install.

First run setup.js, after that run create_account to add an xmpp account.

Run the bridge with node index.js. You will get an invide for every contact in your roster. This might take a few seconds.


Logs are handles with bunyan. Per default, it logs everything as json.

Stdout will only output INFO levels. There are ERROR and DEBUG logs in the logs directory.

To make the output human readable, you can pipe the output into the bunyan CLI tool:

tail -f log/* | node_modules/bunyan/bin/bunyan