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PUSH-CHANNELLIST(1)   User Contributed Perl Documentation  PUSH-CHANNELLIST(1)

       push-channellist - a small utility for Philips TV Sets

       1) push-channellist

       2) push-channellist [options] filename

       push-channellist is a small utility to retrieve the channellist from a
       Philips TV set and to push an existing list to the TV.

       Please read the section CONFIGURATION below before running the script.

           Do nothing. Just show what would be done

           Test the channellist, given as filename.

       In order to contact the TV Set, which must support JointSpace (see
       <>), the IP or name of the TV needs
       to be configured in the script. Search for the line

           my $TV="http://tv:1925";

       and replace "tv" with whatever is required for your TV.

   Retrieving the current Channellist
       Run push-channellist without any parameters to retrieve the current
       channellist. The list can be used as a basis for your own list to push
       to the TV.

   Format of the channellist
       The format of the channellist is quite simple and flexible.

       Each line has to be of the format:

           <Channelnumber> <at least 1 Tab or 2 Spaces> <Channelname>


           <Channelname> <at least 1 Tab or 2 Spaces> <Channelnumber>



       If there is no explicit channelnumber given, the next number is used,
       starting from 1. Example:

           1  Das Erste
              WDR Aachen
           5  SAT.1

       Will assign 1, 2 and 3 to the first 3 channels and 5 and 6 to the next
       2 channels.

   Creating your favourite channellist
       Simply retrieve the current list by executing

           push-channellist > my-list.txt

       Open the list in your favourite text editor and start changing it.

       When you're satisfied, execute

           push-channellist my-list.txt

       and get yourself a coffee (or two or three).

       This script is quite slow! As JointSpace directly replies with "OK"
       after each command and you do not know whether it already finished, you
       can't rely that each sent key was really accepted. In order to work
       around this problem, I call the "slow" function afer each sent key. The
       "slow" function simply retrieves the channellist which is a quite slow
       process. But I managed to set my favourite channellist of 105 channels
       without any issue.

       none yet

       Written 2014 by Stephan Hradek

       This script is under GPL

perl v5.16.3                      2014-05-16               PUSH-CHANNELLIST(1)