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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
body {font-family: ariel, helvetica, sans-serif;}
fieldset {margin-bottom: 10px;}
legend {font-weight: bold;}
input, label {float: left; padding: 3px; margin: 5px 0;}
label {clear: left; width: 200px;}
input[type=submit] {clear: left; margin-left: 205px;}
<legend>Raplet Test Data</legend>
<form method="get" action="raplet-main.php">
<label for="email">Email</label> <input type="text" id="email" name="email" value="" />
<label for="name">Name</label> <input type="text" id="name" name="name" value="Indiana Jones" />
<label for="twitter_username">Twitter Name</label> <input type="text" id="twitter_username" name="twitter_username" value="@ijones01" />
<label for="callback">Callback</label> <input type="text" id="callback" name="callback" value="jsonp123456789" />
<label for="show">Show</label> <input type="text" id="show" name="show" value="" />
<label for="oauth_token">OAuth Token</label> <input type="text" id="oauth_token" name="oauth_token" value="RAP0bdb9071a9d07150d40dc7c72fc9494b92939ba3" />
<input type="submit" id="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" />
<legend>Login Form Test Data</legend>
<form method="get" action="raplet-login.php">
<label for="redirect_uri">Redirect URI</label> <input type="text" id="redirect_uri" name="redirect_uri" value="" />
<label for="client_id">Client ID</label> <input type="text" id="client_id" name="client_id" value="rapportive" />
<label for="response_type">Response Type</label> <input type="text" id="response_type" name="response_type" value="token" />
<input type="submit" id="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" />
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