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Write-Host "Downloading Bamboo"
Invoke-WebRequest -URI "" -OutFile "C:\Windows\Temp\atlassian-bamboo-6.1.0-windows-x64.exe"
Write-Host "Installing Bamboo"
Start-Process C:\Windows\Temp\atlassian-bamboo-6.1.0-windows-x64.exe -ArgumentList "-q" -Wait
Write-Host "Installing Bamboo as a Service"
& "C:\Program Files\Bamboo\InstallAsService.bat"
# Set Creds to local Admin
# Figure out how to get the password
Write-Host "Setting Bamboo Service to Automatic startup and then starting"
Set-Service Bamboo -startuptype "Automatic"
Start-Service Bamboo
Write-Host "Adding firewall rule for Bamboo if not present"
If (!(Get-NetFirewallRule -Name "Bamboo Server")) {
New-NetFirewallRule -Name "Bamboo Server" -Description "Exposes the default port 8085 for Bamboo Server" -DisplayName "Bamboo Server" -Enabled:True -Profile Public -Direction Inbound -Action Allow -Protocol TCP -LocalPort 8085