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Automatic Program Repair with On-Demand Candidate Generation
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Automatic Program Repair with On-Demand Candidate Generation.

Given a faulty program and a test suite that has test failures, SketchFix tries to find a repair for the faulty program such that all tests pass.

Hello World Example

  1. Import the to Eclipse. A faulty program: and a failing test case written in JUnit test framework.
	public int simpleExpError() {
		int a = 2; 
		int b = 1;
		//expect to have int c = a;
		int c = b;
		return c;
	public void test1() {
		assertEquals(2, new SimpleEXPReplace().simpleExpError());

Step 1: Run Here I assume the Fault Location is known.

	public static void main(String[] args) {
   	StaticAnalyzer analyzer = new StaticAnalyzer();
   	analyzer.setConfigFile(ConfigType.SIMPLE, "SimpleConfig.txt");

SimpleConfig.txt is a config file similar to Defects4J build properties.


Step2: SketchFix generates a list of sketches. One of them is as below:

import edSketch.request.SketchFix;

public class SimpleEXPReplace {

    public int simpleExpError() {
        int a = 2;
        int b = 1;
        // expect to have int c = a;
        int c = ((Integer) SketchFix.EXP(new Object[] { b, a }, 0, new String[] { "b", "a" }, int.class).invoke());
        return c;

The parameter list: visible variable list, hold id, a string array simply for the purpose of printing results, target type.

Replace this file with and execute the JUnit test case with

import edSketch.executor.SketchExecutor;
import edSketch.request.SketchFix;

public class SketchFixDriver {
	public static void main(String[] arg){
		org.junit.runner.JUnitCore core = new org.junit.runner.JUnitCore();
		org.junit.runner.Result result1 = null;
		Class target1 = Class.forName("TestSimpleEXPReplace");
		do {
			try {
				result1 =;
				if (result1.wasSuccessful() ) {
					System.out.println("Found solution:  " + SketchFix.getString());
			} catch (Exception e) {}
		} while (SketchExecutor.incrementCounter());

If SketchFix finds a solution that passes all tests, it prints the result as below:

Generate 3 candidates for the type int: [b, a, 0]
Found solution:
 Hole 0	a
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