Demonstrates how KeePass 2.x authenticates a password.
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KeePasswd is a sample application that accompanies my blog article showing how KeePass 2.x authenticates passwords.


--file, -f=VALUE       Path to the KeePass2 KDBX database (required)
--passwords, -p=VALUE  Comma separated list of passwords to try (required
--header               Prints the decryption specific fields from the file's header
-h, -?, --help         Prints out the options

Trying multiple passwords

$> keepasswd -file "C:\ExampleDatabase.kdbx" -passwords test1,test2,test3

The password is 'test2'

Displaying header data

$> keepasswd -file "C:\ExampleDatabase.kdbx" -header

Master Seed: 681576DF73AC6AE38A21494AF04723E1968168EE08CC4D1893F72D3F309E42BF
Encryption IV: 5B61F08E5BDD401F72C0C43DA15E2700
Transform Rounds: 6000
Transform Seed: C723515A30197B562906A32BBC371FC8C9433DA589A499FF59587A62EC8F3055
Expected Start-Bytes: A45D4E050BF15F3F66B357E1BDC86343C75D6A72CE976665C6E341D2EE015ADC