One place to gather information from all of your sensors. Nice charts, statistics, performance, and super easy API.
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Documentation: Wiki page
Changelog: Here
Live demo: Here (Polish language)


  • Light/Dark theme
  • Averaging data from database in charts for better readability
  • Multiple sensors can send multiple fields (temperature, humidity, battery, etc.)
  • Displaying data from exact date and time
  • Each field is fully configurable, including icon, color, unit, display name
  • Irregular data is correctly displayed on charts
  • Very simple API, super user and developer friendly


  • Download code: wget
  • Unzip and cd: unzip && cd SensorsHub-master
  • Run installer: chmod +x && sudo ./

If you want to change default server port from 80 to anything else, edit config.json and restart service using:
sudo systemctl restart sensorshub.service

If you want to change directory/rename it after installation, just rerun to update service.


Home page

Home page

Single sensor view

Single sensor

Settings home page

Settings page ``

Sensors list

Sensors list


H - High priority, currently working on that
M - Medium priority
L - Low priority
F - Future function, we need to implement some others first

  • H Multiple field types: bool, int, float, percent
  • H Better auto update function from website
  • M Basic triggers (for e.g. Send email when temperature is greater than x)
  • M Sending data to sensors (via sockets or ajax)
  • M Multiple accounts with permissions
  • M Language selection for guests
  • L More options for home charts
  • L Better and more documentation
  • L Allow guests to change theme to dark/light
  • L PIN protected home page
  • L Comparing data for multiple periods from multiple fields
  • L More API functions for developers (Getting data from database, modifying)
  • F Advanced Triggers (for e.g. close window, when temperature inside is lower than outside)
  • F Plugins system
  • Multiple languages support
  • Update home page field values with javascript
  • Make pairing with sensors more easly
  • Better Sensors page, more readable
  • Create Log page, well, implement logging first.
  • Create About page
  • Allow sensors to send Field descriptions and display names when creating them
  • Auto update