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Commits on May 26, 2012
  1. @nicatronTg

    Upgrade project file to round trip upgrade VS11-2010

    nicatronTg authored
    According to the Microsoft website and various other places, we can
    safely upgrade to this format and still allow people who are a version
    behind to keep that. This should change virtually nothing.
  2. @nicatronTg
  3. @nicatronTg
  4. @nicatronTg
  5. @nicatronTg

    Merge pull request #454 from TShock/general-devel

    nicatronTg authored
    Update TerrariaServer to match latest again
  6. @nicatronTg
  7. @nicatronTg
  8. Merge pull request #453 from TShock/general-devel

    Zack authored
  9. @nicatronTg
  10. @nicatronTg


    nicatronTg authored
  11. @nicatronTg

    Update to TerrariaAPI 1.12

    nicatronTg authored
  12. @nicatronTg
  13. @nicatronTg
  14. @nicatronTg
  15. @nicatronTg
  16. @nicatronTg
  17. @nicatronTg
  18. @nicatronTg

    Removed LuaBins

    nicatronTg authored
    Yeah uhm.
  19. @nicatronTg

    SSI saves on /save

    nicatronTg authored
  20. @nicatronTg


    nicatronTg authored
  21. @nicatronTg

    Removed killFriendly from Butcher

    nicatronTg authored
    Upon further inspection, friendly NPCs are non-existent as far as
    actually being set in game goes. Maybe this was originally supposed to
    denote a removed NPC type or a town npc?
  22. @nicatronTg
  23. @nicatronTg
  24. @nicatronTg
  25. @nicatronTg
  26. @nicatronTg

    Fixed SaveSSI on kick potentially breaking

    nicatronTg authored
    Added method to save an inventory in SSI to TSPlayer
  27. @nicatronTg
  28. @nicatronTg

    Removed /genore

    nicatronTg authored
  29. @nicatronTg
Commits on May 24, 2012
  1. Dont mess with the vitrual methods.

    Zack Piispanen authored
  2. @nicatronTg


    nicatronTg authored
  3. @nicatronTg
  4. @nicatronTg

    Added dontSaveSSI to Kick & ForceKick

    nicatronTg authored
    Allows for preventing SSI to save in the event of an inventory related
    issue that might diverge from SSI's preventions.
  5. @nicatronTg

    Fixed a potential issue surrounding silent kicks

    nicatronTg authored
    This should resolve any issues where a player being kicked prior to join
    has a mesasge sent to chat. If not, then the method calling the
    ForceKick function isn't specifying that it should be silent.
Commits on May 17, 2012
  1. Fix unban

    Zack Piispanen authored
    Fix DisableBeforeJoin when server has a password.
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