forked from chrisboulton/php-resque

PHP port of resque (Workers and Queueing)

Updated Sep 13, 2016


forked from uacaps/PageMenu

A paging menu controller built from other view controllers placed inside a scroll view (like Spotify, Windows Phone, Instagram)

Updated Jul 28, 2016

JavaScript 0 1


forked from danapplegate/whos-on-qa

A slackbot that quickly answers who is on which QA

Updated May 19, 2016


forked from bobthecow/mustache.php

A Mustache implementation in PHP.

Updated Apr 13, 2016


forked from chrisboulton/php-resque-statsd

Submit metrics for your php-resque jobs into StatsD/Graphite

Updated Nov 18, 2015


forked from DataDog/chef-datadog

Chef cookbook for Datadog Agent & Integration

Updated Nov 5, 2015

Ruby 0 8


forked from ryotarai/fluent-plugin-dogstatsd

Fluend plugin for Dogstatsd, that is statsd server for Datadog.

Updated Nov 5, 2015

JavaScript 0 17


forked from itsgoingd/clockwork-chrome

Chrome extension for PHP development

Updated Sep 14, 2015


forked from punkave/aS3StreamWrapper

An Amazon S3 stream wrapper for PHP with full support for subdirectory trees, multiple protocol names and caching

Updated Sep 9, 2015


forked from chrisboulton/php-resque-scheduler

An addon for php-resque that lets you queue jobs for execution some time in the future. Follows resque-scheduler.

Updated May 14, 2015


forked from zendesk/zendesk_api_client_php

Official Zendesk API v2 client library for PHP

Updated Apr 10, 2015


forked from BrightcoveOS/PHP-MAPI-Wrapper

This project provides a starting point for integrating the Brightcove Media API into your application. It provides simple ways to interact with the API, as well as a long list of helper functions.

Updated Apr 6, 2015


forked from brianhaveri/Underscore.php

PHP port of Underscore.js

Updated Nov 20, 2013