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@SkinSpotlights SkinSpotlights released this Apr 20, 2021

Added Copy Paste Selected Keyframes.
Keybinds need to be setup via the hotkeys menu under the timeline section.

Copy Paste hasn't been fully tested yet, please report any issues with it.

Copy Paste does not use Windows Clipboard at all, copied keyframes will remain copied even if you copy some text. Only way to currently clear copied keyframes is by copying no selected keyframes.

Copy Paste might not interact correctly with undo/redo.

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@SkinSpotlights SkinSpotlights released this Apr 11, 2021

Fixed a bug where the tool wouldn't enable the Replay API.
Adjusted Creator Suite Blend to be less taxing, it places a keyframe every 30 frames instead of every 100 frames. This will make the camera path not as smooth but its unnoticeable.

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@SkinSpotlights SkinSpotlights released this Mar 21, 2021

Potentially Fixed a bug where the tool could crash while it was opening, please report it if it happens again

Other small tweaks/fixes:
Play/Stop Keyframes Hotkey is now a toggle.
Coloured Sky now uses a uncompressed DDS Format.
Rotation gets normalized and takes the shortest path.

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@SkinSpotlights SkinSpotlights released this Sep 19, 2020

26th September HOTFIX:
Fixed an issue with Clearing a Hotkey breaking the tool on load.

Hotkey System Changes:
Fixed an issue where alt wasn't registering
Altered the code heavily so now you can use multiple modifier keys (Eg Ctrl + Shift + W)
Important Note: Only the Ctrl/Shift/Alt keys on the left hand side work.

Other Changes:
Added a detection for when Skyboxes are attempted to load from a non-ascii file path as this causes LoL to crash (Its on Riot to fix it entirely)
Todo: Add a setting to set custom file paths for skyboxes, temp solution is to move the tool to a top level drive/folder.

Fixed some bugs with hotkeys triggering when typing in some UI Elements
Fixed some bugs with hotkeys not triggering when the game is focused because some UI Elements on the tool were focused.
Fixed a bug with the Play/Pause Hotkey.

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@SkinSpotlights SkinSpotlights released this May 25, 2020

28th May Hotfix: Fixed a issue where Alt Tabbing would crash if a hotkey wasn't set.

Optimized the CreatorSuite Custom Keyframe Blend.
Tool now handles Game.cfg marked as ReadOnly, the tool will only edit these if EnableReplayApi is missing and will re-enable ReadOnly mode after adding the config.
Fixed a NullException Crash.
Fixed a issue where hotkeys were getting queued up when tool wasn't focused rather than ignoring them entirely.
Fixed a issue where keyframes weren't being enabled when in a selected region. (Shift + Left Click Region Selection on the timeline)
Fixed a issue where keyframes weren't getting disabled after the keyframe sequence had ended.

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@SkinSpotlights SkinSpotlights released this Jan 30, 2020

Misc bug fixes

Added option to settings so you can set the timeline UI fps cap, currently by default its capped at 40fps but it now can go upto 120fps.

Version is 1.0.3 because 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 weren't released to github and only discord where bugs were reported sorry! Will try handle this better in the future.

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@SkinSpotlights SkinSpotlights released this Aug 9, 2019

Added Undo/Redo Hookups.
Play/Pause buttons on tool above track name will always be blue if keyframes are enabled.
Moved from JSON to MsgPack for data serialization.
More minor timing tweaks for UI Updates & sending data to the game, still NOT exposed in settings menu.
Various Bugfixes.

Full list of commits - 4326e65

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@SkinSpotlights SkinSpotlights released this Jul 13, 2019

Release Candidate 3.

Increased the max number of connections the tool can make.
Removed the Connection Timeout.

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@SkinSpotlights SkinSpotlights released this Jun 1, 2019

1st June Update - Bug Fix caf0f21

Mainly reduced UI Update Speeds which will reduce how hard the ReplayAPI is hit as that is a cause of some keyframe jittering, keyframe jittering is greatly reduced in this build but can still occur.

This build is for 9.4+ (9,6+ for particle list support).

Eventually will make a special 9.11+ build which will reduce Keyframe jittering chance even more.

46a36a0 - Full Changelog

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@SkinSpotlights SkinSpotlights released this May 26, 2019

18fec44 - Changelog

This build of the tool should work from 9.4+ (For Particle toggling support, 9.6+)

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