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C Implementation of NTRUEncrypt

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C implementation of NTRUEncrypt

An implementation of the public-key encryption scheme NTRUEncrypt in C. For more information on the NTRUEncrypt algorithm, see the NTRU introduction page:


Run make to build the library, or make test to run unit tests.


#include "ntru.h"

/* key generation */
struct NtruEncParams params = APR2011_439_FAST; /*see encparams.h for more*/
NtruEncKeyPair kp;
if (!ntru_gen_key_pair(&params, &kp, dev_urandom))
    printf("keygen fail\n");

/* encryption */
strcpy(msg, "whatever");
char enc[ntru_enc_len(params.N, params.q)];
if (ntru_encrypt(msg, strlen(msg), &, &params, dev_urandom, enc) != 0)
    printf("encrypt fail\n");

/* decryption */
char dec[ntru_max_msg_len(params)];
int dec_len;
if (ntru_decrypt((char*)&enc, &kp, &params, (unsigned char*)&dec, &dec_len) != 0)
    printf("decrypt fail\n");

/* export key to char array */
char pub_arr[ntru_enc_len(params.N, params.q)];
ntru_export_pub(&, pub_arr);

/* import key from char array */
NtruEncPubKey pub;
ntru_import_pub(pub_arr, &pub);

Supported Platforms

libntru has only been tested on Linux and Mac OS X so far. It won't work on Windows without modifications because it uses /dev/urandom.


OpenSSL lib + headers (apt-get install libssl-dev)

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