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commit 803c7e9689fe45b2036cea1ae24f9f5916c34543 1 parent 3b496b1
@hunterloftis hunterloftis authored
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@@ -46,19 +46,19 @@
<h1>Ignore standards &amp; accessibility</h1>
<input name='badRad' id='rad1' type='radio' />
- <label for='rad1'>first</label>
+ <label for='rad1'>acces</label>
<input name='badRad' id='rad2' type='radio' />
- <label for='rad2'>second</label>
+ <label for='rad2'>ibile</label>
<input name='betterRad' id='rad3' type='radio' />
- <label for='rad3' onclick=''>third</label>
+ <label for='rad3' onclick=''>empty</label>
<input name='betterRad' id='rad4' type='radio' />
- <label for='rad4' onclick=''>fourth</label>
+ <label for='rad4' onclick=''>onclick</label>
- <li class='bestRad checked' id='rad5'>fifth</li>
- <li class='bestRad' id='rad6'>sixth</li>
+ <li class='bestRad checked' id='rad5'>totally</li>
+ <li class='bestRad' id='rad6'>inaccessible</li>
<h1>Use alert() and friends</h1>
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