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Latest full source of the SkookumScript UE4 plugin and runtime.
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SkookumScript Plugin

SkookumScript UE4 Plugin Intro hood

SkookumScript is the superpowered scripting solution and cutting-edge command console for UE4. It is powerful and feature-rich, yet simple and easy to learn. It has native game concepts and deep integration with UE4 Blueprints and C++. SkookumScript allows the live creation of sophisticated gameplay with surprisingly few lines of code. It has been lovingly crafted over more than a decade, battle-tested on major game titles and supports all platforms. SkookumScript is made for games.

SkookumScript IDE Screenshots

Build Instructions

SkookumIDE (Required)

To use the source version of SkookumScript, you will also need he SkookumIDE binaries. The easiest way to acquire these is to download the latest release and overwrite the SkookumIDE folder in this repo with the one from the release. You can also build the IDE from source by following these instructions. Note that to access the SkookumIDE repo, you need to have access to the Unreal Engine 4 repository.

Clone the repo

Binary Engine

Place the SkookumScript plugin into your project's plugin folder. Example: MyProject/Plugins/SkookumScript.

Source Engine

You can choose whether to place the SkookumScript plugin into the engine's Runtime/Plugins folder or in your project's plugin folder.


  1. Build the SkookumIDE
  2. Copy the built SkookumIDE folder from the SkookumIDE project folder Engine/Plugins/SkookumScript/SkookumIDE to the SkookumScript Plugin folder Plugins/SkookumScript. Note that this will overwrite the existing SkookumIDE folder.
  3. Regenerate project files. If you placed the plugin into the engine folder then run GenerateProjectFiles.bat otherwise right-click your .uproject and select Generate Visual Studio Project Files.
  4. Build your project/engine as usual.
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