A WHMCS Plugin for Paypal Subscription Reminders
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  1. Description
  2. Features
  3. Screenshots
  4. Download Links
  5. Installation
  6. Report Bugs

1. Description

PayPal Subscription Reminder is an ADDON for WHMCS which automatically creates a ticket when a new customer cancellation is received. It does not have the actual functionality to check if there's a valid Paypal Subscription, but will send a reminder to ever customer that cancels.

This is in order to reduce the number of angry customers who forget to cancel their subscriptions and then come looking to the hosting company for answers.

2. Features

A short look at the key features of the 'Paypal Subscription Reminder' addon.

  1. Ability to enable or disable sending of reminders.
  2. Customizable Ticket Subject, Ticket Messsage, Ticket Priority and Ticket Status,
  3. Able to select Department to create ticket in.
  4. Select which Admin the ticket should be from.
  5. All actions logged and reviewable in the 'Activity Log' on WHMCS.

3. Screenshots

Addon Config Activity Log

Direct links if you want to enlarge:

Addon Config | Activity Log

4. Download Links

The following download links are the only ones authorized by the developer (myself).

v1.2 - Download

Downloads are at own risk. I don't take any responsibility for any problems as a result of this plugin. Always take regular backups.

5. Installation

Login to WHMCS Admin area, Setup >> Addon Modules, then activate "Paypal Subscription Reminder".

Once you activate the addon module, click 'Configure' and setup the system according to your specifications.

6. Report Bugs.

If you have an issue, please find a way to contact me or open a report on the 'Issue Tracker' tab.