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Cleaning Up 2.6
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@APickledWalrus APickledWalrus released this
· 98 commits to master since this release

It's been some time since our last release, but we're finally ready and able to release Skript 2.6.2 today. This version mainly contains bug fixes and improvements, but there are also a few minor additions. For full details, you can check out the update's full changelog below.

I'd also like to welcome our newest team member, @AyhamAl-Ali! They have become a crucial part of this project with their awesome feature and bug patches, but more importantly, their terrific web experience and contributions. The docs have never looked better! I'm truly looking forward to everything they'll continue to offer this project. Thank you again for your contributions!

End of 1.12.2 Support

As mentioned in the previous releases, we have decided to drop support for 1.12 and lower (legacy versions).
This is likely to be the last 2.6.x release, making this the last version to support 1.12 and lower. If necessary, we will backport critical fixes.

⭐️ Changes

Click here to view the full list of commits made since 2.6.1

Click here to view the full list of fixes, improvements, and additions


  • Fixed an error with the language expression that could occur on legacy versions (#4616) (Thanks @Matocolotoe)
  • Improved error messages from the new Pattern Compiler (#4546, closes #4541)
  • Fixed an issue where hex colors didn't parse where they should (#4529, closes #4527) (Thanks @Sorbon-CH)
  • Fixed a parsing issue where unrelated errors would be mistakenly printed (#4530)
  • Fixed an issue where the "no scripts found" error mistakenly displayed with a config file line (#4549)
  • Fixed an issue where parsing could mistakenly fail with literals (#4242, closes #3465)
  • Fixed a few issues with function parsing, notably issues with default values (#4244, closes #4049)
  • Fixes to parsing, also fixing the "all armor stands" expression (#4260, closes #2370, #2723, #4239)
  • Fixed an issue where the enchantment level expression could incorrectly remove enchantments (#4393, closes #4391)
  • Fixed an issue with block comparisons (#4390, closes #4340)
  • Fixed an issue with "type of" expression being used with items/blocks (#4405)
  • Fixed an issue with looping blocks below y=0 (#4647, closes #4645)
  • Improved the behavior of or in lists (#4545, closes #4543)

Please note that with this change, or lists will no longer always pick a set value, meaning in something like:

set {_x} to 10
set {_y} to {_x} or {_not-set-variable}

{_y} will be set to 10 or set to nothing (whereas it would always be set to 10 before)

  • Fixed issues with the saturation expression (#4554, closes #4552)

Please note that this change removes the ability to use saturation as a default expression. This breaks scripts that do something like:

on hunger bar change:
    broadcast "%saturation%"
  • Re-added error messages that were mistakenly removed from the change effects (#4555)
  • Fixed a severe error caused by event value selection (#4570, closes #4565)
  • Added a converter from strings to regions to combat region parsing issues (#4699, closes #4684)
  • Fixed calculation issues for the pitch of locations of blocks (#4710, closes #4708)
  • Fixed an issue with spawning falling blocks (#4717, closes #4716)
  • Fixed some broken item comparisons on legacy versions (#4646, closes #4643)
  • Fixed an issue with looping with single variables (#4627, closes #4672)
  • Fixed an issue where the using the replace expression to replace items used incorrect comparison methods (#4627)
  • Fixed errors that could occur when changing yaw and pitch of vectors (#4701)
  • Fixed incorrect coloring of error messages by user input (#4630)
  • Fixed a typo in the empty folder warning (#4711)
  • Fixed an issue with damage cause comparisons (#4735, closes #4709)
  • Fixed an issue with colors displaying in console (#4728, closes #4723)
  • Fixed an error that could occur when reloading a script during event execution (#4138, closes #3685)
  • Fixed the player event value in item pickup events (#4615, closes #1322)
  • Fixed an error that could occur when creating chest inventories (with ExprChestInventory) above the size limit (#4739, closes #4736)
  • Fixed an error where aliases data was exponentially duplicated during startup (#4649, fixes #4514)
  • Fixed the clicked enchantment button expression and improved its documentation (#4688, closes #4686)
  • Fixed an issue with getting the location of a double chest (#4683, closes #4681)
  • Added an error when using the spawn effect section on 1.9.4 as it is not supported (fixes an exception) (#4753)

Additions / Improvements

  • Made improvements to the issue templates (#4511)
  • The filter expression no longer accepts single values/expressions (#4395, fixes #4306)
  • Added a config file option for player name regex (#4396, closes #4374)

This is useful for plugins like Geyser where some usernames are prefixed by a specific character.

  • Allow variable strings to be converted (#4408, closes #1144, #1940, #4272)
  • Added a converter for strings to worlds (#4408)
  • Added default expression and time state support to the biome expression (#4539)
  • Entity event values are now excluded from death events (#4540)

This change forces users to use attacker/victim to avoid confusion as to why they're not getting a message or why their code isn't erroring.

  • Improved comparisons between slots and numbers (#4550, closes #4548)
  • Re-added all to the indices expression (#4551, closes #4547)
  • Added an expression to get the protocol version of a player (#4569) (Thanks @bilektugrul)
  • Addon Developers: Skript will now only accept registrations if enabled. This will make it easier for addon developers to tell if they've accidentally included Skript in their plugin jar (#4575)
  • Added an expression to get the hanging entity and remover in hanging break and place events (#4592, closes #4359, #892)
  • EffectCommandEvent is now a Bukkit event, meaning plugins and addons can listen for it (#4532, closes #4360)
  • Fixed an issue where some syntax elements were missing [the] prefixes (#4604)
  • Fixed vector length reset when adding or setting pitch and yaw (#4626, closes #4610) (Thanks @sovdeeth)
  • Improved the validation checks for hex codes (#4628)
  • Added an error for when hooks are disabled after Skript has loaded (#4702)
  • Added a player event value to the item drop event (#4615)
  • Updated skript-aliases. This mainly just adds the otherside music disc introduced in 1.18 (#4742) (click here to see the full changes)

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