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Patch Release 2.8.4

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@Moderocky Moderocky released this 01 Apr 11:19

Skript 2.8.4

Skript 2.8.4 is here and it brings with it many bug fixes. You can report any issues on our issue tracker.

Happy Skripting!


Bug Fixes

  • #6413 Adds missing attributes for MC 1.20.5
  • #6473 Fixes an issue where spawning a falling block would load the chunk at 0,0.
  • #6475 Fixes issue when spawning an entity at a location with no world.
  • #6484 Fixes error when trying to spawn en entity from a disabled datapack.
  • #6495 Fixes strings in lists not getting sorted properly.
  • #6497 Adds error message to catch null return types.
  • #6502 Fixes error when using invalid amounts of random characters.
  • #6510 Fixes Anvil Text examples, updates Location function examples.
  • #6512 Fixes unparsed literal error with the random expression.

Click here to view the full list of commits made since 2.8.3


Help Us Test

We have an official Discord community for beta testing Skript's new features and releases.

Thank You

Special thanks to the contributors whose work was included in this version:

As always, if you encounter any issues or have some minor suggestions, please report them at
If you have any bigger ideas or input for the future of Skript, you can share those too at