@bensku bensku released this Jun 1, 2018 · 592 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

This release features a rather big amount of new features and bug fixes. The changes shouldn't be breaking, but as always, test before using.

  • Added support for default values, to reduce amount of conditional blocks needed in scripts
  • Added support for ternary operations (sort of)
  • Added conditions for checking whether blocks are solid, flammable or transparent
  • Added conditions for checking whether items are edible
  • Added support for using expressions in command permission message (closes #652)
  • Added conditions for checking if a string starts or ends with given string
  • Added an expression to get all enchantments of an item (relates #1234)
  • Added a way to get ping of a player
  • Added expressions to get server TPS values, available only on some server platforms
  • Added support for getting and setting players' current hotbar slots
  • Added support for Bukkit's block metadata (warning: not saved when the server restarts)
  • Added support for filtering lists (experimental, subject to change!)
  • Added a trigger for flight toggles
  • Fixed numbers between two integers not working when the first integer is larger (thanks @TheLimeGlass, closes #97)
  • Fixed a regression that caused recursive function returns not to work
  • Fixed an issue that might have crashed updater on Java 11
  • Fixed some broken links in the documentation
  • Fixed a bug that caused 'item of' from previous release to not work for anything but item frames
  • Fixed cancelling right click events not working in some cases (closes #290)
  • Fixed a bug causing replace effect not to work when replacing in multiple strings (closes #1248)
  • Fixed a bug that mixed lists with other variables (#1262)
  • Fixed potential null safety issues with inventory click events (closes #1207)
  • Fixed a potential chat crash on 1.8
  • Fixed options not being parsed in function declarations (closes #1230)
  • Fixed an exception caused by unspecified parrot type (closes #1273)
  • Removed command for old Skript timings, which were replaced more than a year ago
  • Moved Skript under a Github organization SkriptLang, and updated some of the links to point there