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Assets 3

1.13 is not supported (or working) yet. It will be in future, but that is going to take some time. In this release, we have fixes for some ancient bugs, fancy new features and, as always, some interesting new bugs.

Documentation coming up as soon as possible. Right now there are some technical issues.

  • Added support for looping inventories
  • Added a condition for checking whether chunks or worlds are loaded
  • Added an expression to get languages of players' clients, and a trigger for language changes (related #1291, thanks @Blueyescat)
  • Added support for joining all types together
  • Added an expression for spectator target (closes #1346)
  • Added effect to continue in loops (closes #1372)
  • Added an effect for sending fake block changes to players (related #1291)
  • Added support for manipulating balances of offline players (needs Vault, of course)
  • Added (broken, apparently) local variable type hints
  • Fixed a bug which caused iterating over a single item enchantment to fail (closes #1289)
  • Fixed setting burning duration of an already burning furnace not working
  • Fixed local variables being local to events instead of triggers (closes #1095)
  • Fixed a minor issue in builtin function documentation (closes #1344)
  • Fixed coloring and JSON chat issues in permission messages (closes #1303)
  • Fixed a type issue with 'where' expression (closes #1284)
  • Fixed a minor issue with 'highest block' expression
  • Fixed effect to make a player fly not working in some cases
  • Fixed expression to get the highest solid block returning a wrong block (thanks @Nicofisi)
  • Fixed past/future states of expressions targeting players not always working (closes #1182)
  • Fixed putting multiple 'else' blocks crashing horribly instead of showing an error (closes #1294, thanks @Nicofisi)
  • 'Fixed' tests on Windows (thanks @crzyBrown)
  • Fixed some cases of missing documentation
  • Improved code quality (thanks @Nicofisi)
  • Removed warnings that might or might not be accurate from visual effects

Hotfix 2.2-dev37b:

  • Added an effect for making players say things (thanks @Blueyescat, related #1291)
  • Probably fixed local variable type hints (maybe closes #1379)

Hotfix 2.2-dev37c:

  • Added player visibility controls (thanks @Blueyescat, related #1291)
  • Fixed more issues with type hints