BImA deployment rake task
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BImA deployment rake task


Add this to your Gemfile:

group :development, :test do
  gem 'bima-deployment', git: '', tag: '2.0.3'

Rails generator bima_deployment:install

By invoking

$ bundle exec rails g bima_deployment:install NAME

you generate a config/deployment.yml file via the Rails generator process.

Mandatory arguments

NAME is used for OpsWorks stack and app names in different ways:

  • Stack names will be NAME (Staging) for development and staging environments, NAME (Production) for the production environment.
  • App names will be name_develop and name_staging for development and staging environments respectively, name for the production environment.


  • --notification can be either true or false to specify whether you want to be notified after a successful deployment to production environments. Default: true.
  • --slack provides the URI to your Slack Incoming WebHook.
  • --strategy should be either opsworks/git or opsworks/s3 to specify your deployment strategy. Default: opsworks/s3.


$ bundle exec rails g bima_deployment:install MyApp \
        --slack= \


  1. Run bundle exec rake deploy[TAG_OR_BRANCH_NAME] to deploy your code to AWS. As the opsworks/s3 strategy requires uploading a sizable file to S3 first, this process can take a while.
  2. Get a cup of tea (or coffee) and watch your code being deployed to AWS for you.

Rake tasks

Note: Credentials for AWS related operations are automagically loaded from ~/.aws/credentials. The rake taks will try to read credentials from a profile [bima]. If it fails, it will fallback to [default].


Invokes deploy:development[git_ref].

Note: If git_tag is not provided, this will deploy the currently checked out revision (HEAD), not master.


Deploys git_ref of your repository to your AWS OpsWorks development stack.


Deploys git_ref of your repository to your AWS OpsWorks production stack.


Deploys git_ref of your repository to your AWS OpsWorks staging stack.


Creates a working copy of git_ref of your repository in tmp/package and packs it into a .tbz2 file in tmp/releases. Uploads the release file for git_ref to S3. Cleans up the tmp/package and tmp/releases folders.