Auto enter giveaways in Goodreads.
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Auto enter giveaways in Goodreads.

Installation and Set-up

Clone the repo and install the pre-reqs.

git clone
cd goodreads-giveaways
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Important: Before running the script, make sure you've entered a giveaway manually at least once. The first time involves setting up a new address, and the script assumes that it's done. Also, if you have multiple addresses set-up, the script takes the first one.


Run the script from the terminal like the following example.

~/Documents/goodreads-giveaways  master ✔                                0m  
▶ python3
[?] Enter your Goodreads username: sumit.ghosh**
[?] Enter your Goodreads password: 
[*] Successfully logged in to Goodreads!
[*] 290 giveaways scraped.

[*] Entered giveaway for: Economics for Managers: Part 1 - 271908
[*] Entered giveaway for: Gonefishing India - 271909
[*] Entered giveaway for: The Bhagavadgeethaa - 271917
[*] Entered giveaway for: Quantitative Aptitude Simplified - 271915
[*] Entered giveaway for: FRATERHOUSE - 271916
[*] Entered giveaway for: Trading Psychology : The Bible for Traders - 271918
[*] Entered giveaway for: Zur goldenen Stunde - Band 2: Historischer Roman - 272094
[*] Entered giveaway for: Nature's Confession - 272806
[*] Entered giveaway for: The Great Wizard Wars - 268977