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SkyAPM Organization

SkyAPM Organization(old name OpenSkywalking) is working on the ecosystem around the Apache SkyWalking APM solution.

Organization members

We have following groups to manage and contribute the project, each one has its own rights and responsibilities.

Project Management Committee (PMC)

As a member of PMC, you must contribute and maintain the features or modules, and also take part in project management and building the eco-system. Because of that, you have following rights:

  1. In charged with responsibility and governance for all projects/repositories in OpenSkywalking organization.
  2. Edit rights for all repositories.
  3. Merge right for pull request.
  4. Vote right for promoting contributor to Committer Team and PMC.
  5. Start a vote for promoting contributor to Committer Team and PMC, pull request or feature discussion.
  6. For now, only 吴晟 @wu-sheng has right to remove people from PMC or Committer Team.

The current Project Management Committee is as follows (in chronological order):


Member list is in alphabeta order.


In various situations the SkyAPM shall hold a vote. These votes can happen on the phone, email, or via a voting service, when appropriate. Voters can either respond "agree, yes, +1", "disagree, no, -1", or "abstain". A vote passes with two-thirds vote of votes cast. An abstain vote equals not voting at all.

吴晟 @wu-sheng has a special veto power: override the voting result, default: not use.


吴晟, Sheng Wu @wu-sheng created SkyWalking main repositories(including UI) at Oct. 2015. And contributed this project to the OpenSkywalking Organization at 2017. At 2019, the org rename to SkyAPM to avoid branding issue, because SkyWalking now is the project, logo and brand of Apache Software Foundation.

SkyWalking's formal two major repositories have been contributed to and accepted by Apache Software Foundation.

Now, SkyWalking is in Apache Incubator, click here for more details in ASF.

Special thank to the contributors: 徐妍 Yan Xu @TastySummer and 戴文 Wen Dai, you offer huge helps for this project.

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