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LWJGL3 window and UI wrapper
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Clear is a wrapper for LWJGL3 that makes it simple to build basic programs that require a user-interface. The windowing and UI wrappers are separated into two projects in case you want to use one and not the other. The goal of the project is to provide a very sound foundation for creating custom user-interfaces that aren't limited by foundational design decisions (such as forcing certain layout types to be used, or so on). This is for GUI creators who want something "free-form" to build their interfaces in.


General Features

  • Heavily customizable: focus on user extendability
  • High performance: system performance was kept in mind when creating the system, and as far as I know, it doesn't have any sort of resources leak or the like. Tools are provided to help keep resource management sweet and simple.
  • Documentation: the project has carefully been documented with numerous comments so far to allow users to quickly learn how to begin adding their own functionality to the base systems
  • Detailed Examples: demo programs are included that will show users how to use all of the currently implemented systems. The default LWJGL3 NanoVG demos are included as well for additional support options.


  • Create OpenGL-capable windows in two lines
  • Contains utilities for creating windowed programs with simple looping functionality
  • Has classes for making input callbacks for windows
  • Has framework for opening multiple windows at once and exerting fine control over them
  • Has a TinyFileDialog wrapper class that allows you to open various message/open/save/input dialogs in one line each


  • Create a NanoVG-capable application within 100 lines
  • Has basic tools for making pretty user-interfaces
  • Reliable and customizable
  • Contains basic Widgets such as shapes, buttons, draggables, and systems for assembling Widgets into complex UI elements (WidgetAssembly)
  • Contains a fully realized TextAreaWidget that has text input systems, extendability, custom formatting, automatic formatting (for creating code areas), and much more


Hello World (basic clickable button)


Text Area Support (formatting, line numbers, editing, in-depth customization)


Code Area Support (syntax-highlighting, line numbers, tabbing)

Clear CodeArea

Input Windows & Sub-Windows (Configured specially for LWJGL3)

Clear InputWindow

Other Examples:

Recommended Projects (See Also)

  • LWJGUI - LWJGL3 JavaFX Alternative I contributed a bit to this project, of which some of those contributions helped form the basis of Clear. If you're wanting more in-depth functionality closer to JavaFX, I highly recommend this project. Clear is meant to be somewhat more minimalistic and straight-forward, whereas LWJGUI will give you a close approximation of JavaFX's general structure. It's well-made and concise, I highly recommend this UI solution if Clear doesn't have the features you're looking for.
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