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Open source branching dialogue editor for video games
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ClearDialogue is a free open source branching dialogue editor for video games designed to be extremely flexible and work with any type of game engine. It was built with the Clear LWJGL3 API.


This program was written by NOKORI•WARE. If you're satisfied with ClearDialogue, please visit our website and consider buying some of our products to help support the development of free software like this!



  • Should be compatible with any coding language (however the UI itself is only in English, if you'd like a translated version, please let us know and we'll see about adding support for it)
  • Supports both normal dialogue and dialogue responses
  • Use the node-based system to connect these and make complex branching dialogue paths
  • Has a game API that can be referenced directly from your Java-based game for even further simplicity of use
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Custom backend that's sturdy and reliable


  • Supports JSON exporting/importing
  • Is heavily documented with instructions on how to add support for your own filetypes (it's also extremely simple)


  • Supports quickly merging projects together into single files
  • Has basic replace/find tools that support refactoring within the current project
  • Use grid snapping to keep nodes aligned neatly in the project
  • Use automatic mass-grid snapping to organize all highlighted nodes into a grid order alphabetically
  • Move multiple nodes at once, allowing for projects to be quickly edited on a large scale
  • Add/Remove tags to/from multiple nodes at once
  • Change the name of multiple nodes at once; use the #NUM tag to add numbers to the names systematically
  • Supports implementing custom syntax highlighting (I.E. highlighting text commands from your particular engine)
  • And much more!


  • Includes test applications in the source code showing how to implement ClearDialogue into your games
  • Code-base is highly documented and easy to follow
  • Code-base is highly customizable and easy to modify


ClearDialogue is configured to use Maven, so most of the required APIs will be downloaded automatically. The only other dependency you need to make sure you have is Clear.


Get a runnable version of ClearDialogue on the releases page.

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