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Audio event, queue, badges, pins messages ...

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This updated is finally here :p
It introduce a tons of small and different features, each one as useful as the other!
Don't wanna make a long message for explain everything, here's a list instead:
Audio are updated with a lot more syntaxes. You can pause / skip / stop etc... the current track, and get properties of them such as title, thumbail or even the YouTube author.
You can create voice channel using the new channel builder! Edit the max user and the bitrate, as you like.
A lot of bugs, such as permission parsing, member with id expression, etc... are fixed, and work well now.
You can toggle the TTS state (Text To Speecj) of a message builder.
Pin message and also get them from a channels!
Get the device a member is currently on (web, mobile or desktop)
Added guild values like roles, categories or channels (voice & text).
And added creation, join and boost date of a member in a guild.
Finally, a big thank you to everyone who opened issues on GitHub to inform me of bugs / propose new ideas!
The next update will introduce the emoji menu, but I leave you the surprise and I do not tell you more :3
Good evening ^^