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React section, bug fixe, and more !

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Another very big update of DiSky, 1.8 is here!
This one fix a lot of bugs, rework channels, reactions, webhooks and introduce reaction section !
Anyway, here's the small list of bug fix / new features:

🐛 Fixed reply with and send message effect
🐛 Fixed embed template not cloning correctly
🐛 Fixed react section bug with event-values
🐛 Fixed play effect join the wrong voice channel
🐛 Fixed use of message builder in edit effect
🐛 Fixed and optimized send message effect
🐛 Fixed reaction add / reaction remove events
🐛 Fixed react section don't run if multiple sections exists

Added "on disky command" event
Added "bot" type for bot condition / expression / effect
Added badges properties
Added make bot leave guild effect
Added guild of entity expression
Added speed, depth and pitch audio effect

Improved DiSky error handler
Optimized the getter for reply effect
Improved react section, using consumer instead of runnable
Improved some code in DiSky

📝 Added new event-values for track events
📝 Added webhook wiki link in examples
📝 Introduced "channel from id" using guild channel
📝 Added %member% type in remove reaction effect

🚀 Deploy webhook message builder
🚀 Introduce new react section effect
🚀 Deployed "event-channel" as GuildChannel
🚀 Deployed webhooks V2 features

🎉 Fully reworked emote / emoji features
🔥 Removed old discord command system

🔗 Links:

Documentation >
skUnity Page >
Discord >