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@SkyCraft78 SkyCraft78 released this Apr 21, 2021 · 58 commits to master since this release

Hey !!
Another big update, but I think you are familiar with it by now πŸ˜‚
This update brings a lot of new features, like the use of event-value in the reaction section or new events.
I worked a lot on the audio system, allowing a better control of the music.
Anyway, here is a summary of the changes:

⚑ β€’ Added way to store the next track in skip effect
⚑ β€’ Better audio system (part 1, audio website)
⚑ β€’ Changed '1.8.1' to '1.9' for 'since' docs
⚑ β€’ Improved a lot the reaction section
⚑ β€’ Improved default embed building
⚑ β€’ Improved discord command system
⚑ β€’ Optimize some code

✨ β€’ Added "type of" expression
✨ β€’ Added deafen / un deafen member effect
✨ β€’ Added default prefix of bot
✨ β€’ Added guild of bot expression
✨ β€’ Added icon and afk channel update event
✨ β€’ Added move member to channel effect
✨ β€’ Added mute / unmute effect
✨ β€’ Added role add, remove, create and delete event
✨ β€’ Added voice join, leave and move events

πŸ› β€’ Fixed a NPE for message receive event
πŸ› β€’ Fixed attachment URL collide with invite's one
πŸ› β€’ Fixed empty embed building
πŸ› β€’ Fixed empty embed building V3
πŸ› β€’ Fixed permission give / revoke
πŸ› β€’ Fixed some bugs with discord commands

πŸš‘ β€’ Fixed & Optimized react section
πŸš‘ β€’ Fixed empty embed building V2

πŸ“ β€’ Fixed error in docs
πŸ“ β€’ Fixed typos in documentation

πŸš€ β€’ Deployed event values for reaction section

🎨 β€’ Added better thumbnail resolution for track thumbnail
πŸ”₯ β€’ Removed all code from the old command system

πŸ”— β€’ Links:

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skUnity Page >
Discord >

πŸ†• Wiki >

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