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Kamilla v4 WoW Solution, please read readme.
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This repository is the World of Warcraft solution of Kamilla version 4. This is complete re-write of Kamilla version 3, featuring a slightly altered architecture, use of Windows Presentation Framework, and of course open source code under LGPLv3. IT'S UNDER HEAVY DEVELOPMENT RIGHT NOW, PLEASE WAIT TO USE IT.

Kamilla main repository is here.

What is Kamilla Project

Kamilla Project was founded by LordJZ and Konctantin in 2010 as a collection of tools tied together with one purpose: make network protocol analysis easier and more entertaining. The main aim was reversing games, and the first one was World of Warcraft. Later, the so-called Kamilla Complex turned into a powerful tool for reversers. Sadly enough, due to lack of time and enthusiasm Konctantin has stopped participating in the Kamilla development process.

After 2 years of constant evolution, Kamilla version 3 features 3 core applications, one of which is the Network Log Viewer, also known as Packet Viewer or Packet Parser. The new Network Log Viewer v4 is the first major tool to be implemented in Kamilla v4.

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