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  • Hunter Race with Huargen class is bugged, when the start dog dies and you, you cant revive or invoke him, at least, i cant control any other beast, Foxes can be and is impossible, it say "pet limit reaches".

  • Auction House is bugged, you can put something in the auction with two sell mode and no one can buy it (i saw recently in trinitycore git they updated the source, i think you can fix this bug with that).

SkyFire rev. Last. Compiled about 5h.
World DB: SFDB_NG_003 with last updates


WTF is Huargen o.0?! u mean Worgen?


Huargen is the spanish translate of Worgen XD


@SpaHost las quests necesitan scripts por DB y tal, están incompletas aún, de lo demás no he tenido problema.


@Walkum gracias! eso lo sabia :P Estoy bastante atento a los avances de los cores... ojala y digo enserio ojala pudiera ayudar u_u

The hunter class with Worgen, can anyone can confirm that issue?? try to kill some mobs at start place (with red name, wolfs lv6,7,8), if pet dies and you too, when you revives u lost your pet and cant get anyone in the rest of your character life (or wait for bugfix :) )

And the Auction House bug? Any news? or its a knowed bug?


worgen zone is still being worked on... this area will be shakey until it gets finished be patient. or submit fixes, we dont need 100 tracks of the same thing ,


Ok sorry :P i will delete that, il wollowing the topic on the forums ^^


How to reproduce Hunters Bug with Worgen:

1 - Create Character, do first quest
2 - Do pet's attack some wolfs simultaneously
3 - When pet dies.. attack all and wait to die
4 - Go to your body and revive
5 - Try to raise your pet or call it... Voilá... bug

Anyone can confirm if its only with worgen??? pls.. and thanks

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If this is still an issue. Reopen it.

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