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Faldren Tillsdale bug #724

darkloveir opened this Issue · 1 comment

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the Faldren Tillsdale is a vendor in stromwind and has no item for sell.
how can i fix that ?


In the future, I'd recommend posting about 147.5% more information than what you've posted.
Who is Faldren Tillsdale? What's he supposed to sell in 4.0.6a.13623?
What server version are you running? Were you on an alliance or a horde toon with GM on? Did you have the Dev tag on? Any World.exe errors on startup? If so, what were they? Any anomalies? E.g, All vendors are empty or this vendor is on the ceiling dancing with a shot glass in his nose etcetera.

This sounds like an issue that was fixed a while ago, which leads me to think that you may just have an outdated (or perhaps, miss-configured) Database.

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