Assets 3

Externally noticeable changes

  • Bug ids for Access Violation exceptions have been standardized to the
    following format: <bug type id>:<memory details>[<size>][<offset>]. This
    includes bug ids for guard page access exceptions, as
    STATUS_GUARD_PAGE_VIOLATION exceptions are just a sub-type of
    STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION. bug type ids W2RO and DEP have been changed
    back to AVW and AVE to simplify things.
  • Text descriptions for Access Violation exceptions should now all follow the
    same format.
  • Determining if an Access Violations happened near the stack is now more
    precise by relying on the actual virtual allocation for the stack to
    determine what memory range is part of the stack.
  • Determining the integrity level of a process was throwing unpredictable
    exceptions. Since I do not care much about this information and have little
    time to fix it, I've opted to disable the code and not put the integrity
    level in the report anymore.

Internal changes

  • I've renamed more time related variables to include "InSeconds" in the name.
  • Test coverage has been improved by allowing you to trigger Access Violations
    in memory regions with specific properties (i.e. unallocated memory, reserved
    memory, inaccessible memory, and guard pages). Tests have been rebuild with
    VS 2017 and latest Win 10 SDK.