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We always need more help translating! This page is a guide on how to help out!

All of the current translation files are stored at src/main/resources. You can click on that link to see all of the translation files.

Each file is named messages-XX.yml where XX is a 2 digit language code such as en or ru.

  • First step for translating is to open the file:
  • If you are looking to improve an existing translation, you can go to the above link, click on the file you wish to change, and click Edit.
  • If you are looking to add a new translation, go to the above link, click on the new file button that is to the right of SkyWars-Translations / src / main / resources /. It is a button that looks like a file, with a plus sign. This will open a If you are making a new translation, you want to copy all the text from /src/main/resources/messages-en.yml into your editor. Open that link up in a new tab, and copy/paste the text into your editor.
  • Second step is to make your edits:
  • You should be able to just do this using the online editor
  • Third step is to commit and pull request:
  • After you have finished making your edits, click the Propose File Change button. This will bring you to a Pull Request screen. Briefly write what you changed / created, and click Send Pull Request. I will receive a message at this point and review your translation.
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