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User & Identity

Skygear Auth has two main concepts: User and Identity. Each user in your app may have multiple identity, while each identity will correspond to single user.

For example, a user John Doe may have three identity:

To authenticate in Skygear, the user need to have their identity verified. Skygear supports three type of identities: password-based, OAuth, and custom token.

All associated identities of a user can be listed through API.

Password-based Identity

This identity type would be used when user signed up with a Login ID and password. User can then login with the same login ID and password.

By default, Skygear allows three types of login ID: email, username, and phone.

OAuth Identity

This identity type would be used when user login with OAuth provider. Currently Skygear supports the following OAuth providers:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Azure Active-Directory v2
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