An anti-suicide project conceived and built at Open Hack SF18
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An anti-suicide project conceived and built at Open Hack SF18

This project is mostly theoretical work and planning

ScreamListener is a network for persons considering suicide and those who want to help^(see note)

How it works: Screamer (we'll call them S) writes their "scream". It could be a story, a list, a jumble of words, anything explaining how they got to the point of wanting to take their own life. S's scream is sent to Listeners (we'll call them Ls) and the Ls who recieve S's message may respond. The whole process is anonymous. Ls are Ss but not all Ss are Ls. Ls are technically Ss who chose not to scream, only listen. When creating their profile, they check a box saying they want to help. They can scream if they want to. A S user will recieve Screams from other Ss but they will not be obligated to respond to them. Not all users recieve all screams. A scream is sent to a number of random users, some Ss, some Ls. Alogorithms are used to determine which users recieve screams. See graphs Screams are deleted from the DB after a couple of days (3-7, I haven't decided). Screams may not be copies or partial copies of each other. If a scream is a copy, the older scream is deleted. If a scream is a partial copy of a scream, the shorter copy is deleted.

Technology it uses: A database Natural Language Processing Open source messanger (why build a messanger when you can use one that already exists for free?) Algorithms (I'm not sure if this counts as a technology) Bootstrap

^Users to block: Trolls (self explanitory) Religious Group Recruiters (Typically these people don't actually want to help people avoid suicde, just they just want people to join their group and they are notorious for preying on people in bad and or sensitive situations) People Selling or Promoting things (Not the time, or the place, also they are preying on sensitive people) Attention Seekers (Some people throw around talk of suicide because they want attention. Suicide is a serious issue and ScreamListener is for people who actually need help)