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@Skylyxx Skylyxx released this Jun 1, 2021

SkDynmap v1.2.1

SkDynmap v1.2.1 adds support of Skript 2.6-alpha1, but also some bug fixes and optimizations.

Commits list

⬆️ Bump to gradle 7.0.2
⬆️ Update to Skript 2.6-alpha1

🎨 Cleanup code
🎨 Reformat code

👽️ Change annotations to jetbrains'
👽️ Make changes due to Skript 2.6 update

🚧 Add commit hash to github builds versions

Add api-version to plugin.yml

⚡️ Improve configuration system
⚡️ Improve new update checker
⚡️ Change update checker using Skript's Version object

🐛 Fix cast exception
🐛 Fix IllegalArgumentException in SkDynmap#saveStorageYaml

📝 Fix documentation
📝 Add pull request & issue templates
📝 Add
📝 Add

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