Clients for using SKIL's inference HTTP API in Java, Python, Javascript, C#, Ruby, Rust, and more
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Clients for using SKIL's HTTP inference API in Java, Python, Javascript, and more.

Getting Started

Automatically-generated clients are available in each language folder in the root of this repository. Clients support SKIL's JWT authentication and currently only work for prediction/inference endpoints.

Python If you are a user of pip, you can install the Python client directly from this repository by using the command:

pip install git+


The default host in each client is localhost:9008. Because your SKIL instance may be running on a different server or port, you can supply a configuration using the following code:


String newHost = "x.x.x.x"
URL url = new URL(apiClient.getBasePath());
URL newUrl = new URL(url.getProtocol(), newHost, url.getPort(), url.getFile());


import skil_client
from skil_client import ApiClient
from skil_client.configuration import Configuration

# configure
config = Configuration() = "http://x.x.x.x:9008"

# create an instance of the API class
api_instance = skil_client.DefaultApi(api_client=ApiClient(configuration=config))


To begin using the API, you will need to obtain a JWT token. Post your credentials to the /login endpoint:

creds = skil_client.Credentials(user_id="admin", password="admin")
res = api_instance.login(creds)

Building the clients

If you want to fork this repository and make custom changes, you can rebuild them by using the swagger.yaml file located in the root of this repository. Clients are built using swagger-codegen and use a langauge-specific configuration file passed in using the -c flag.

For example, if you have the swagger-codegen command installed on your system, you can build a Python client by running this command from the root of this directory:

swagger-codegen generate -i swagger.yaml -l python -o python -c config/python.json