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This module provides an interface to POSIX::Spawn for EventMachine. In particular, it contains an EventMachine equivalent to POSIX::Spawn::Child. This class encapsulates writing to the child process its stdin and reading from both its stdout and stderr. Only when the process has exited, it triggers a callback to notify others of its completion. Just as POSIX::Spawn::Child, this module allows the caller to include limits for execution time and number of bytes read from stdout and stderr.


Please refer to the documentation of POSIX::Spawn::Child for the complete set of options that can be passed when creating Child.

require "em/posix/spawn" {
  p ="echo something")

  p.callback {
    puts "Child process echo'd: #{p.out.inspect}"

  p.errback { |err|
    puts "Error running child process: #{err.inspect}"

  # Add callbacks to listen to the child process' output streams.
  listeners = p.add_streams_listener { |listener, data|
    # Do something with the data.
    # Use to get the name of the stream.
    # Use listener.closed? to check if listener is closed.
    # This block is called exactly once after the listener is closed.

  # Optionally, wait for all the listeners to be closed.
  while !listeners.all?(&:closed?) {

  # Sends SIGTERM to the process, and SIGKILL after 5 seconds.
  # Returns true if this kill was successful, false otherwise.
  # The timeout is optional, default timeout is 0 (immediate SIGKILL
  # after SIGTERM).


The implementation for EM::POSIX::Spawn::Child and its tests are based on the implementation and tests for POSIX::Spawn::Child, which is Copyright (c) 2011 by Ryan Tomayko and Aman Gupta

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