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= Overview =

This gem provides a toolkit for interfacing with Netlink in pure ruby.

= Caveat Emptor =

This gem is very much a work-in-progress. It can be used to do useful things in its current state, but still has some rough edges (see Todo).

= Netlink 101 =

== Overview ==

Netlink provides an efficient mechanism for user-space to kernel-space and user-space to user-space communication. It supports both unicast and multicast communication and is implemented as a message oriented protocol using the BSD sockets api. Sample use cases include updating routing tables, querying for detailed task information, and receiving notifications when users exceed disk quotas.

== Message format ==

The Netlink message format is fairly simple. All messages are composed of a mandatory Netlink header, following by 0 or more family headers, followed by the message payload. The majority of message payloads consist of a sequence of attributes encoded using the TLV (Type, Length, Value) format. We attempt to optimize for this case and provide a convenient DSL for declaring message structure.

== Error Handling ==

Netlink provides two means of communicating errors back to the user: 1) through the use of special error messages, and 2) through the BSD sockets api. The first mechanism is used to signal errors pertaining to the various subsystems (invalid arguments in requests, for example). The second mechanism is used to signal errors that occur when transferring data between user-space and kernel-space. For example, recvmsg() will return ENOBUFS if the kernel fails to transfer data to the user.

= Usage =

See the `example' directory.

= Todo =

== Must Have =

  • Nested attribute support
  • Multi-part message support

== Nice to Have =

  • Pretty printing of messages