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@Skyost Skyost released this Aug 31, 2016


  • Added a recent files menu.
  • Added a free edit mode (beta).
  • Added the ability to undo an action.
  • READ_VARIABLE can now show a custom prompt message.
  • Now accessing to the OS' keyboard (allows to copy / paste accross two Algogo instances, ...).
  • Updated tips when adding a new line.
  • Updated Heartbeat, string operations are now supported (you can merge them and compare them).
  • Updated to Core v0.6 with various improvements (performance, READ_VARIABLE can display a custom prompt message).
  • Improved the console's output (errors, debug, ...).
  • Improved the printing feature.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.

Note : Please check the documentation before submitting bugs and / or feature requests. The current supported languages are english and french, you can help to translate the software here.


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