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Welcome on Algogo Wiki ! You will find everything you need to begin with Algogo. Feel free to contribute to this wiki and to project.

What is Algogo ?

Algogo is an algorithm editor and interpreter. Lightweight and easy to use, it is free and open-source. There are three versions of Algogo :

  • Desktop : "Classic" version. Allows to edit and run algorithms on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Mobile : A mobile version of Algogo. Currently only available for Android devices.
  • Core : Core of Algogo. Allows to evaluate mathematical expressions, run algorithms, ...


To access the documentation for your version of Algogo, please check the sidebar on your right or use the following links :

Expression evaluation

Here is a little guide on available constants, operators and functions available in Algogo.

Supported operators

Here is a list of supported number operators (or signs) :

And here is a list of supported boolean operators :

Supported constants and functions

Here is a list of supported constants :

And here is a list of supported functions :