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Bash Shell Function Library
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The Bash Shell Function Library (BSFL) is a small bash script that acts as a library for bash scripts. It provides a couple of functions that makes the lives of most people using shell scripts a bit easier.

This project is a fork of the original work of Louwrentius.


Getting started

In order to use BSFL, you have to include the library in your bash scripts. You can do it with an absolute path:

source <absolute path to BSFL>

For example:

source /opt/bsfl/

Or with a relative path:

declare -r DIR=$(cd "$(dirname "$0")" && pwd)
source $DIR/<relative path to BSFL>

For example:

declare -r DIR=$(cd "$(dirname "$0")" && pwd)
source $DIR/../lib/

What's next?

The best way to learn how BSFL works is to look at the examples available in the examples folder.


The online documentation is available here.

Building the documentation is done by using Doxygen:

cd <BSFL repository>/doc
git submodule update --init --recursive
doxygen Doxyfile


BSFL is implemented for bash version 4. Prior versions of bash will fail at interpreting its code.

In addition, BSFL depends of some external programs. Here is the list of these programs:

  • date
  • grep
  • logger
  • printf
  • tput
  • tr

However, we try to get as much as possible a standalone library. Hence, some of these external dependencies will be removed in the future.

Unit tests

BSFL uses Bats testing framework to verify the correct behaviour of its functions.

To run all the tests:

bats <BSFL repository>/test

Or, to run only the tests of a specific group:

bats <BSFL repository>/test/<test file>

For example, for the network group:

bats <BSFL repository>/test/network.bats

Releasing a new version

Below are the different steps to do before releasing a new version:

  • Run all tests and be sure they all pass
  • Update the BSFL_VERSION variable in lib/
  • Update the PROJECT_NUMBER variable in doc/Doxygen
  • Update the Version variable in bsfl.spec
  • Update if needed

Get involved!

This project is still under development. Contributions are welcomed.



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