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Rapid Reporter Mac

Rapid Reporter for Mac is a copy of the testing software originally written by Shmuel Gershon for Windows. The documentation for the original version can be found here.

The Mac version requires you to be running OS X 10.9 or above.


To install Rapid Reporter Mac simply download the DMG file from the repository's 'RapidReporterMac' folder and use that to install the application.

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

The user interface layout is almost identical to that of the Windows original with a few aesthetic alterations due to OSX UI element support. One thing to note is the Rapid Reporter Mac support for Mac keyboard shortcuts, shown below:

Shortcut Action
⌘⇧ Take screenshot of active screen
⌘⇧S Open Screenshot Utility
⌘N Open New RTF Note
⌘O Open Working Folder in OSX Finder
⌘[ Decrease transparency
⌘] Increase transparency
⌘- Decrease session length
⌘= Increase session length
Next note category
Previous note category


The program saves it output into ~/Documents/RapidReporterMacOutput/. In there you can find your reports, RTF notes, and screenshots from each session that are named using timestamps.