Tetris Attack/Pokemon Puzzle clone written in Rust with Ametyhst
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Tetris Attack/Pokémon Puzzle-esque game written in Rust with Amethyst

Talk / Code Walkthrough on this project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_9A7P0uNpY


Build a clone similar to Tetris Attack and Pokémon Puzzle. This game needs to abide by the original rules of the game, so for example hit right frame times to feel exactly like the old games.


I've tried many languages and Rust's vision of safe multithreading is something I believe is important for games. So the goal is to make this game run as fast as possible. If you have any ideas on how to improve the speed of the game, hit me up.

This is also a way for me to learn Rust and help the Rust gamedev scene to grow.

Amethyst Game Engine

I've tried out most game engines there are right now for Rust and all of them are heavily in development. Some are unmaintained or just don't have any visions for the future. It's also important that the engine I'm using tries to achieve multithreading! So, even if it's harder to make games with it, I'll use Amethyst.


Here are all the releases that currently exist. Then follow the steps:

  1. Download the .zip for your OS
  2. Extract the contents of the .zip into a new folder
  3. Make sure the .exe file sits next to the src folder
  4. Run the .exe file

Optional: Customize the config files to your liking.

How to Build

  1. Install Rust
  2. Clone / Download this repository into a folder
  3. Download the SDL2 development .dll and .lib and put them next to the src folder https://www.libsdl.org/download-2.0.php
  4. Open a command prompt / terminal inside the folder and run: cargo run (Downloading all crates will take some time... 2-10 minutes)

If you get errors, make sure to update your Rust version before creating issues here! To do that, run rustup update. On Linux, make sure that Amethyst's dependencies are installed (see Amethyst's documentation for more info).

If you still encounter problems, open an issue on GitHub with your OS and a screenshot / pastebin of the command line.

How to Play

Inputs can be viewed in the input.ron, these can be manually modified! https://github.com/Skytrias/everpuzzle/blob/master/src/configs/input.ron

About me

Skytrias#8787 on Discord

Whenever I try out new game engines/frameworks I start to make a clone of Tetris Attack to get a feel of the coding experience. In the past I've done this a lot and I tried many ways to program parts of the logic. The old games are very logic intensive so it takes time until you get something that works and is easily extendable.

I've worked on swap'n'pop but the project seems to be dead which is sad. But it also had problems imo.


If you are interested in helping out, you can take a look at the issues and work on anything you'd want. Otherwhise you can contact me on Discord: Skytrias#8787, or visit the Discord server.

ECS Diagram



Spread sheet for frame times

Tetris Attack Discord


Everpuzzle is free and open source software distributed under the terms of the MIT License.

The rights to the original Tetris Attack sprites belong to Nintendo. In the future I'd like to use new art.