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-NWN2 related development work (public repository)
+NWN2 related development work (public repository)
+This repository contains supporting infrastructure for a server browser
+replacement for NWN2 and NWN1. A public web service API is provided that
+enables clients (such as websites) to obtain a current list of participating
+NWN2 and NWN1 player-run game servers.
+The API endpoint resides at:
+The API WSDL resides at:
+All API methods take a common "Product" string argument. This argument is
+intended to specify which game product the server list should be returned for.
+Valid values include (case sensitive):
+"NWN2" - Neverwinter Nights 2
+"NWN1" - Neverwinter Nights 1
+Servers must install xp\_bugfix 1.0.20 (or higher), for NWN2, to participate:

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