Secure P2P instant messenger. A new Tox client.
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/!\ Disclaimer: Project moved to a new repository /!\

tl;dr. Project moved at TheToxProject/client.

Hey dear community!

A lot of people have asked me about the state of Ricin & Konv projects, so let me clarify the situation.

Ricin was mostly a "proof of concept" that permited me to learn to code in Vala. Once I was enough confident in developing with Vala, I realised that Ricin's source code was a shit-code. Nightmare to maintain, hard to update. So I decided to rewrite/rebrand it under the Konv project-name. I worked on Konv during some time before I had a vision.

So let's talk about that vision. I dreamed people would just download Tox, and start to chat, without missing important IM features, nor security features. I dreamed that Tox would replace Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp and other IM apps, because it's decentralized, and would be looking good, with features parity with other IMs + gamification. User would see & use the same interface not depending on the device he is using. Whether it's desktop, mobile or web browser.

The Universal Tox Client is my attempt to realize this.
You can find the new repository at TheToxProject/client.

Also feel free to look at the contribute or donations part of the readme if you want to get involved ! :)

I hope I clarified the situation enough. Thanks for the interest. - Secure P2P instant messenger

CircleCI Make a donation on Liberapay
Install Konv Help us translating Konv is an open-source, libre and secure instant messaging application that aims to replace Skype, Whatsapp, and other proprietary services. I believe that bringing a free (as in freedom, aswell as in price) software that enable individuals to communicate freely, without the fear to be censored or sued, is primordial in this post-Snowden era. Free speech enables real sharing of ideas, concepts, researchs, etc. That's how I want to contribute saving what stays of people liberties and rights.

A screenshot of Konv's MainWindow + SettingsWindow running 0.1.0-looneypig
Click the screenshot to see the preview video.


Here is a tentative list of the features that must have in order to be usable and useful. The list is not ordered nor complete. This list also serves as a sort of Roadmap for me.

  • Usable, bug-free and user-friendly interface ;
  • Modern way to communicate with contacts (messages, actions, auto-reply) ;
  • File transfers : Inline images, inline musics, inline videos, regular files, avatars ;
  • Simple and convenient way to share a contact (drag&drop, right click) ;
  • Customizable interface ;
  • Intuitive and not cluttered settings interface (advanced mode?) ;
  • Group chats, with simple way to add people inside ;
  • Avatars, status messages, presence ;
  • Audio calls, video calls, desktop sharing/streaming ;
  • Secure way to add peoples from an user-friendly ID (no ToxID, decentralized ToxMe-like) ;
  • Custom bootstrap nodes list.
  • Social welcome screen.

Protocol is an instant messaging application that uses the Tox protocol in order to enable truely secure communications. By so, it can be called a Tox client.

ToxCore (the Tox core library) provides an easy and intuitive API for building secure communication platforms. It is maintained by The TokTok Project.

I'm using TokTok/c-toxcore instead of the old irungentoo/toxcore library for convenience and security related concerns.


You can run and install Konv with a few lines, just type the following in a shell

# Download it!
$ git clone && cd Konv

# Build it!
$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
$ make

# [Optional] If you want to install it system-wide
$ sudo make install

License is released under The MIT License while the ToxCore binaries are licensed under The GPLv3 License.