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#LED matrix GPS wall clock

This project has the following features:

  • 80x24 big LED matrix display with automatic brightness control (based on HT16K33 drivers).
  • Temperature/humidity measurement.
  • Air pressure monitoring/logging. Last 24 hours are always on the display in a form of a diagram.
  • Non-volatile FRAM memory for the air pressure log.
  • GPS module for automatic time synchronization.
  • No buttons, no settings. User manual is not required.
  • Automatic DST time correction. Time zone can be easily changed in the source code, no further modifications are required.

Following 3rd party HW was used:

  • STM32F103C8T6 minimum system development board (photo)
  • BMP180 temperature/pressure sensor module (photo)
  • BH1750 light sensor module (photo)
  • Si7021 temperature/humidity sensor module (photo)
  • FM24C04 FRAM chip.
  • EB-800 GPS module with 5V->3V converter.

Module interconnections are available on this diagram. The only PCB you have to make is a HT16K33 module (15 pcs). KiCAD project is in the PCB folder.

P.S. If 32kHz generation on the processor board is not stable, then it is highly recommended to make a proper crystal grounding.

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